Using web tools to find data.

Some OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) web tools to find data.

1. OSINT Framework : OSINT Framework is a web-based collection of various OSINT tools and resources categorized for easy access. It provides links to tools for social media investigations, domain research, data breaches, and more.

2. IntelX : IntelX is a search engine designed for OSINT, allowing users to search for data across the clear and dark web. It supports searches for email addresses, domain names, and other identifiers.

3. Have I Been Pwned: While not a traditional OSINT tool, Have I Been Pwned is a valuable resource for checking if an email address or password has been compromised in a data breach. This information is crucial for understanding potential security risks.

4. TinEye : TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It can help identify the original source, variations, and uses of an image across the internet. This can be useful in OSINT investigations to verify the authenticity of images.

5. : Hunter is a tool for finding email addresses associated with a domain. It can be used in OSINT to gather contact information and identify potential targets for investigations.